News of hacking has just boomed over the internet. First bloggers got accused of cyber terrorism and now Pakistan’s No.1 automobile website Pakwheels.com got hacked with more than 600,000 users data got compromised. To alert its users company send emails to them and asked them to reset their accounts passwords as the breached has became a serious issue. The officials did not exactly reveal the accurate number of hacked accounts but according to some other sources it is reported that almost 674,775 accounts’ data have been breached out. Which includes passwords, email ids and also Facebook ids with other information. Now that the website has been fully recovered but still company has urged its customers to change their passwords.

Pakwheels.com was founded in 2003 it is the one and only automotive portal that provides you with all types of cars. Pakistanis can buy and sell their cars, they can read news also can read reviews. People can also find solutions to their vehicles’ problems. According to reports, Pakwheels.com has now listed on 67 among most visited websites in Pakistan.

Well! shockingly, Pakwheel.com got hacked in October, 2016 and the company took 2 months to inform its customers and also to fix the website. Pakwheels.com were previously using vBulletin forum, a community forum to interact with people. Now Pakwheels.com has decided to move from vBulletin to “Discourse forum”. Reason behind this switch is that vBulletin has some performance issues. vBulletin was simple but it has outdated software which has urged not only Pakwheels.com but also other forums like Grand Theft Auto, Epic Game etc. to move to different forums. Discourse forum is open source, it is fast and gives a better user experience rather than vBulletin.

Talking more about breach, management of Pakwheels.com found security breach in forum software that they were using which exposed their users’ data to third party. This breach was due to the vulnerability in vBulletin. People who visit website on and off and those who actually do some trading through this website can now relax and carry on their work through it as the issues have been resolved. Hacking is the part of Internet with every good thing bad things do come so does hacking has came with internet.

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