Are you tired of forgetting your things ? Find your stuff with Tile Slim  . You can attach the Tile with credit cards, wallets, passport,laptop or any other important stuff you want. You just have to ring the things with your cell phone instead searching around. The other exciting feature of Tile Slim is that it will find your phone. If you lost your phone,you just have to press the button on Tile tracker and you phone will start ringing even if its on silent mode.

Other major advantage of using Tile tracker is that if you loose your stuff on your way. When it comes in the global Tile network, app will find the location of your lost stuff. Tile can now be embedded in Bluetooth devices as well.



Apart from all above mentioned features Tile is world’s thinnest tracker. Tile says its new Slim device is as thin as two credit cards stacked on top of each other. Its actual dimensions are 54 x 54 x 2.4mm. An average credit card is nearly exactly 54mm wide and 0.76mm thick. So while Tile claims the Slim is as thin as two stacked credit cards, it’s probably closer to three.

So, if you want to find what lost,order it now on Tile Slim. Hurry up,here is 17% discount on Tile tracker purchase.One Tile tracker is of $30 and a pack of 4 is on discount costs only $100 with 30 days guarantee and 1 year warranty.

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