New internet sensation a cute “Chai Wala” after breaking the internet is now on his way to his new journey getting offers for modeling. Syed Noor, Pakistani famous movie maker is going to offer him a role in his upcoming movie due to the fame he is getting in public due to his colored eyes and looks. Syed Noor, believes that wherever there is a chance to promote young and new talent, then he shall always be ready to welcome and create new stars for the industry.But unfortunately Syed Noor is also facing criticism by people that what the heck has happened to his talent identification skills.

Real name of “Chai wala” is Arshad Khan and he is just 18 years old. He was a fruit seller in the past and now he is working on a tea shop from last 3 months.He is from Mardan and currently living in the town of Golra Sharif near Islamabad.

Meanwhile “Chai wala” is getting fame on internet with hash tag #ChaiWala, he is also facing criticism from public.According to some its his good luck to become internet sensation and get a chance in the age of 18 to a bright future and a groomed personality while others are criticizing his viral status for its own profits and gains and there is nothing new in blue colored eyes, there are others more beautiful than him. But more or less Jiyah Ali became an angel for “Chai wala” by providing him a chance to make a better living and making him famous.

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