Messaging app Viber now lets users send videos and photographs that disappear after the recipient has viewed them.This new feature is named  as secret messages. Purpose of these secret messages is to provide users a convenience if they don’t want their messages to be archived in receiver’s phone. Secret messages are deleted after given time interval from recipient’s phone.The company gives the example of sharing an embarrassing yearbook photo, which both the sender and recipient may not want saved on their phones.

“Some things are meant to be seen once and then never again. When you send a secret message, it can be viewed exactly one time and, maybe more importantly, it can’t be shown to anyone else afterwards,” the company said in a statement.

Users set a time-limit on how long a message can be viewed, such as seven seconds, or for the duration of the video, after that the content is deleted off both the devices. Even the sender don’t have record of the message content. It only shows that a secret message was sent, but not what it contained.

The picture is blurred out on the recipient’s device, until recipient clicks on it, when it then becomes clear and ‘self-destructs’ after the allotted time period.

How to Send Secret Messages on Viber

Viber secret messages feature allows you to add time-limit to photos that will disappear once the time has run out.

After you have typed the messages, taken a photo or recorded the video:

  1. Click the timer icon  on the bottom left.
  2. Choose to set the time limit to 1, 3, 7 or 10 seconds.
  3. Click the send button once you’re ready!
  4. After the time-limit runs out your photo will disappear, only you will see the following:


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