Awami Muslim League’s chairperson Sheikh Rasheed stunned everyone on Friday when he decided to play hide and seek with the police in Rawalpindi. Since his drivers & security guards were arrested in Rawalpindi ahead of PTI rally, he was left with no option but to take unusual route.

In his bid to join PTI and AML protesters at Committee Chowk Rawalpindi, Rasheed managed to take everyone, including the country’s media, on a spin. Within minutes, Rasheed has completely take over the Pakistan’s Twitter trends.

Here is the tweet, he posted, before leaving for Committe Chowk in “Catch Me If You” style:

And the Twitteries went crazy. Here are the best reactions to Rasheed’s epic entry:

Here are the epic ones:

Whatever the result of PTI 2nd-November’s planned sit-in would be, but Sheikh Rasheed will always shine.

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