7 things you should never text to a guy

These test messages may be so much irritating for your spouse or boyfriend.


Are you in a relationship,engaged or married, you must be hoping that this relationship must be a source of happiness for you. And if you are hoping so you should never text these 7 things to a guy.

1. Where are you?

Never directly ask him that “where are you?” Because he will think that every time you are monitoring him and he don’t have his own privacy.so,definitely its irritating.

2. When you will be back?

“Oh,please don’t irritate me every time,when i am with my friends”. When he is with his friends don’t text like “when you will  be back”,he will feel like his life is sucked in a routine and he has no time for his friends.

3. Who are you with?

“Ah, why you are becoming so irritating every time. Should i ask you every time when i want to be with my friends.I am not a baby boy that i will let you know about all my activities each and every time.” Never text this to a guy because he will feel like you don’t have trust on him.

4. I want to go for shopping

“Oh,please don’t tell me that you have nothing to wear for upcoming party.I am already disturbed because of  financial problems” So,never text him that you want to go for shopping,may be his mood his down or may be he is chilling out with friends at the moment and it will spoil his mood.

5. Why didn’t you call me?

“I was on job,don’t ask me like this. You are not my master ,OK!” .

If he is busy you may send a text like,”Reply please,when you are free”,if you really wanna talk to him. It will not spoil his mood and he will talk to you at best of his moods.

6. What are you doing right now?

“Are you a CCTV camera monitoring my each and every  moment.” Don’t irritate him like this.He will feel like that he don’t have his own life,and don’t have his own privacy.His privacy is gone and he has no more freedom.

7. Are you with another girl friend?

“Yes,I am!”

Never ever text this to a guy.It will give space to doubts and distances between you and him. It will ruin your relationship and may be destroy it finally. If you are feeling that something is going wrong,never ask directly!

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