Top 8 reasons social media is ruining your relationships

Are you addicted to Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter, you may be ruining your relationship.


Majority of us are social media user either tapping our fingers on smartphones all day long surfing Facebook, Twitter,Snapchat Instagram or any other social media site.But unfortunately the social media sites are ruining our relationships.Here are the top 7 Reasons How Social Media is ruining your Relationships

1. Last Seen At

The most irritating thing in a relationship is “when somebody ignores you”. Somebody has seen your text but didn’t replied. So,automatically you will get angry while being ignored. There may be a lot of reasons.May be next person wants to reply later being busy at the moment and want to talk to you in a good mood.

2. Generation Gap

Parents don’t allow their children to use these social networking sites because they think that their children are too young to differentiate between good and bad.And children think that their parents’ don’t trust them and they don’t know how to be a part of today’s society.So,they become part of social media with fake names,fake ID’s to hide it from their family members and while being fake they can do anything as nobody knows who they are.Parents should get involved with their children in such type of activities to make them feel trustworthy and decrease the generation gap.But unfortunately parents don’t have time,so its increasing.

3. Fake Relationships

“Oh,so you are in a relationship”.Just to show-off, or just to have a few good moments. Starting from “in a complicated relationship” to” in a relationship with ABC” and at the end again “Single”.Huh!So,you don’t feel the worth of a true relationships.It’s not all about to be first poke,friend request,friends,like,comment,whole night chats , then unfriend and then block.And it’s time to move on for someone else.By doing so we treat our real relations like these fake relations and can’t be fair!

4. Making Fun of Others

As we know excess of everything is bad.There is a saying that “if you are making fun of someone,it will give birth to enmity” (Anonymous).People upload photos and status updates to make fun of their friends without thinking for a while that it will hurt his/her self-respect and destroy all the sweetness of their mutual relationship.

5. Can’t Hide your Feelings

If you get angry at some moment with one of your relations and update a status expressing your mood.Friends  will start commenting :”treat the people as they are  treat you!”, “Don’t regret ,just move on!”,and blah,blah,blah!. It all will exploit your relationship more and at that point misunderstanding will shoot to its peak level!



6. OMG! He is in my Fiance’s Friend List

The moment which will create more doubts is : when a guy see any other boy in his fiance’s friends list. What the hell he is doing here.She is not replying me ,it means it means she is on chat with him or someone else. That guy is always there to like,re-tweet,comment on her posts,there is something fishy,etc! So,all these things create doubts and distance in relations.

7. Candy Crush & FarmVille Request

One major reason spoiling it all is one’s addiction to Candy Crush and FarmVille. All the time a run for getting more lives in Candy Crush and pints for FarmVille. One will be mad to send requests and don’t even bother either its the most irritating thing for the other partner. Sometimes its just all got fire and the whole relation is messed up.

8. Self-Pity Victim

Majority of the people likes to put him/herself as a successful person in front of other’s,look like happy with the relations and hide all the bad aspects.Even though most of them are fake.But a person who is facing some real hard times in the life will become a victim of self-pity that all others are high-achievers and i am the only one with bad luck.By thinking so,he/she will start to maintain a distance between the world and him/herself,it all leads to loneliness and frustration.

So, guys if you are ruining your relationships with family,friends or spouse due to any of these reasons. Just stop and take a moment to think about it.Before its too late. Best of luck for your relationship!

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Tayyaba Irshad
Love to write about startups, gadgets and apps. Follow me at Twitter @cRypTaNaLyXt.


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