‘Autonomous flying cars’ to be tested by Airbus by the end of 2017

Airbus will test flying cars by the end of 2017.


We always get fascinated by flying cars when we see them in science fiction movies. It always felt like these flying cars are only found in some other planets or only aliens can afford them. Well! its time to step out from the imaginative world and do something in a real world. According to CEO of Airbus they are planning to test prototype of autonomous flying cars by the end of 2017. Population of earth is increasing with that traffic is also increasing day by day. In coming years, this traffic will get worse. From Airbus, these cars are the better solution to avoid massive flood of traffic on roads. Centuries ago, People built undergrounds to travel and now it is the time to do something above the ground. Planes will no longer be the only flying machine but the cars will also be added to this list by 2020 because Airbus will probably commercialized their product.

Flying cars will be self piloted in other words autonomous, These vehicles will give pick and drop to passengers in badly congested areas so that people will not have to face any inconvenience due to bad traffic. CEO also added that these skies will also help to reduce the cost of building big infrastructures he said, “With flying you do not need to pour billions into concrete bridges and roads.” With that he also said that Airbus is not stepping into delivering ordered packages business but they see Amazon and other retailers as their potential customers.

Not only Airbus, Uber has also showed interest in this project as previously, Uber has also shared this idea. Airbus does not want any other company to be first and hold this flag of launching flying cars. Jorg Muller from Corporate development department of Airbus said, ” This market will develop quickly once we are able to deploy the first vehicles in mega cities and demonstrates the benefits of quite emission-free air transport at competitive prices, If we ignore these developments we will be pushed out of important segments of the business” . Flying cars are just an experiment Airbus is planning City Airbus for multiple passengers. If this prototype flying test get successful then people make your minds to fly high in the cars from one place to another without waiting long in traffic jams.

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