Uber meal delivery service:”Uber Meal on Wheels”

Uber introducing its new service UberEATS: Meal on Wheels.


Uber is an American  multinational online transportation network company now extending its services to meal delivery named as UberEATS . UberEATS is a modernized attempt of Uber in order to expand its business and hire new people for Uber in order to increase job vacancies for the locals.

According to Time Magazine Uber want to deliver food in 22 countries including European regions, Middle East and Africa. Right now its a tough competition for Uber to stand against the other existing food delivery services generating fresh capital by just taking food order locally and leaving food delivery to the restaurants. While UberEATS is not only taking order but delivering the food at user’s doorstep.

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UberEATS has officially launched its websites and app on Google Play Store . UberEATS claims to be faster and speedy food delivery service entertaining its users with  variety of food.

PC: Google Play Store

UberEATS app prompts user to enter its location and food he wants to order.Meanwhile updates the customers about order acceptance, food ready and courier delivery time.


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