Are you waiting for an opportunity to exhibit your startup at a platform where you can bring value to your campaign. In Bootstrap Alley different promising and dynamic startups of the region are going to showcase their projects.It is also a powerful platform to catch investor’s attention, receive constructive feedback from your peers and leaders.This startup exhibit is it provides opportunities to make ties with investors. To register your startup in Bootstrap alley, you have to go through a curation process where only innovative, product-ready startups with demonstrated traction are accepted.

Why Exhibit Your Startup at Bootstrap Alley

From visibility to credibility, showcasing your product at Bootstrap Alley brings a ton of value for your business. Your startup details will also be sent to attending investors and you will get higher chance of getting noticed and win fresh funding. You will have exposure to 5,000 potential customers actively looking for leads, investments and partnerships.Also your profile will also be sent to attending investors.Moreover, you will have a delight to face 60 potential investors and get funding opportunity for your startup.

Gain 10 minutes of fame

You will have opportunity to represent your startup head to head startup pitch battle against other ambitious founders on stage.Winner will take home an attractive cash prize and bragging rights.

Networking App

Bootstrap Alley also provides targeted 1-no-1 networking and gain access to preference and can arrange 1-1 meetings with individuals via networking app.

Post-Conference Party

The other attraction for startup founder is post-conference networking party. If startup-exhibit 2 day event is not enough, they will get more time to connect and network with other peers and investors at that post-conference networking party.

Criteria For Startup Registration

Your startup needs to qualify under the following criteria:

  1. Has at least a working prototype
  2. Raised less than USD 1.5 million of external funds

This event is not only for startup founders but it has much more for the other attendees even if they are new to tech. There will be speakers from 100 different subject areas, expert in their field around the world. Being in an exciting environment you will discover emerging innovations in tech,new startups you may sense passion for a big new start or an idea or think of a new startup. Attendees may also go for the post-conference networking party for making ties with field persons and make connections.

So, hurry up and grab the 30% discount offer, by registering your startup before 27 January 2017.The Startup Exhibitor Package goes for USD $597, and comes with a 1-day booth and two Exhibitor Passes. Application will close on 16 April 2017, 2359 (GMT +8).

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