Microsoft has introduced Windows Game Mode for its Windows 10 and Xbox one. The themes that are included in this mode are: better streaming, increased performance, people and new types of competition or in other words, Windows 10 is going to have high performance game mode. This game mode will help both windows games (win 32) and modern titles (UWP) . Last year Microsoft announced ‘Creators Update’ on the behalf of the fans that requested an update regarding to gaming features, and this is the end result of  what they have requested for. More of the updates will also come soon but for now these are the new key features. With the Creator’s Update, Microsoft is launching ‘Game Mode’. According to Xbox news, “2017 is going to be a monumental year for gaming at Microsoft. Whether you play on Xbox one or a Windows 10 PC, your mobile phone, or anywhere you sign-in with Xbox-Live, We are going to make your gaming experiences easier, more social and better with innovative hardware and software features throughout the year”

Beam-Live streaming will be the centerpiece in both Windows 10 and Xbox one. Beam is a live streaming and video gaming platform that is fully owned by Microsoft. This will be a simple and easiest way to share what you are playing. Beam will be connected with Xbox Live account. Now with this feature the users will not have to use any extra software to watch stream or to interact with broadcast. On Xbox one the user will be able to see enhanced, improved and always available Guide also will be helpful to access game recording and music controls faster. For Beam-Live streaming, If you are using Windows 10 press Windows+G for pulling up the Game Bar after that click on the Broadcast Button to start the live streaming. Likewise for Xbox one, press the one button from inside the Guide.

Game performance will be enhanced in this Game Mode, Microsoft is updating its multitasking experiences. With this new feature the users will be able to record Game DVR clips, can adjust recording length, also can access their captures from the Guide. More over, it has a new Cortana design and a Gamerscore Leaderboard. Playing games with friends is always a fun activity. This Windows Game Mode will give better ways to share. As the both platforms, Windows 10 and Xbox one will allow to connect with the friends on social media, better tools for Clubs and looking for group posts. Apart from all these key features this Game Mode will allow the users to create their very own Arena Tournament games like Killer instinct, and World of Tanks. Can invite their friends to play their self made games. More updates will be added to this mode with the passage of time.

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