Shopaholics!!! grab your cellphones and laptops because “Black Friday 2016is landing on November 25, 2016 around the world. The best time to buy things on a super discounted rates through online shopping websites. Black Friday is related to the beginning of  new shopping season.

It is usually the fourth Thursday of November. It starts at the mid of the night and lasts for early morning. Black Friday has originated from U.S. Black Friday has also termed as one of the most busiest and traffic day of the whole year. Many international super stores provide their customers with super discounts on new products on this day.

In Pakistan, you can also take advantage of this Black Friday as many of the online shopping websites are celebrating it. Last year, It was recorded that these online shopping websites crashed down because so many customers tried to get discounted items. Obviously! Who doesn’t want their favorite items on rarely cheap prices?

Who started first this Black Friday tradition in Pakistan? The credit goes to Daraz.pk. Their sales doubled last year by breaking all the previous records. Impressive though!  Daraz.pk is offering a special offer to their app users as they can access the deals two days earlier otherwise the deals will be available only on November 25, 2016.

Daraz.pk will be offering discounts up-to 70%. Download the app now before you miss the chance. This year apart from Daraz.pk other online websites are also offering biggest discounts ever.

Kaymu.pk has merged with Daraz.pk which many of you did not know. They announced their merger in June, 2016. Now Kaymu comes under Daraz Group but still both of them work under different banners. A wise step by these two as it will help them to share a large target market and will eventually be sharing increased revenue. So like Daraz, Kaymu is also providing its customers with huge discounts on November 25, 2016.

Criticism comes along with everything. In Pakistan, Black is associated with death, Evil and bad luck and as far as Friday is concerned, It is related to a day that showers blessings and also related to worshiping ALLAH. So if we conclude all these facts then clearly this black Friday is nothing but just a bad luck.

As a marketer, you should have all the information about the culture and beliefs of the people. You cannot copy something just because it is trending on other countries. This strategy of giving things on discounted rates have always worked but it will attract people more when people can relate it more to their traditions or cultures.

Why it couldn’t be at the time when Pakistani people needed these discounts more? How about fourth Thursday of Ramadan? And instead of calling it “Black Friday” why not “White Friday”? like an Arab website named it as “White Friday”.

In Pakistan, Fridays can never be black!

Save up-to 70% this Black Friday at Daraz.pk on November 25th, 2016

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Amna Maqsood


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