Ever since the political issues have been raised between Pakistan and India. Entertainment industries of both countries have been suffering due to this political chaos. To support Pakistani culture, Government has banned all the Indian movies in cinemas across the country. Eventually, Indians have also done the same by banning our film stars from working in Bollywood movies. Irony you see!

Pakistani Cinemas were making revenue by screening Indian movies for Past few years but due to this ban they are all facing loss. To lessen the loss owners of Cinemas have decided to screen Turkish and Irani movies along with Pakistani movies. Pakistani film industry is getting better day by day but still it needs time for the re-establishment. Cinema owners have contacted Turkish and Irani officials for the movies. They are hoping that people will like to watch these movies.

WELL! Turkish dubbed dramas have gathered a large number of Pakistani audience but that does not mean that people will pay to watch the dubbed version of these movies. But we should not lose hope. We all know that all the actors from India have came back to their home country and now that they all are available for new Pakistani projects. Meanwhile,we have to watch Turkish and Irani movies.

Talking about opinions? Promoting Pakistani culture should come first. Its clearly a jeopardy for film distributors. Pakistanis can watch a Dubbed English movie but it is very hard to tell whether they will prefer watching Turkish or Irani movies. We appreciate that it is a small step to save the sinking ship but it is also risky in terms of getting more profits.

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Amna Maqsood


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