Team of 12 undergraduate students from Pakistan were first to attend this international genetically engineered machines competition. IGEM is being organised by MIT for past 15 years. There were 300 participant teams in this competition also from the world renowned institutes Harvard and Oxford.

According to director of the Institute Integrative Bio sciences at CECOS University, they have been waiting for this moment to introduce synthetic biology in this country. What better way then giving opportunity to students to do cutting edge biotechnology research. It is an age of android and ios and we need this up-gradation in life sciences in the country.

This team consist of 5 girls and 7 boys. They initially gathered at Peshawar this summer to use this cutting edge biotechnology to solve environmental changes in Pakistan. This team represented Pakistan in Jordan and won this much awaited medal.Seems like it is a “Blessing in disguise” because Pakistan has been going through a tough time and this medal is a blessing for us.

It must be a bronze but for us it is a medal of gold. It is a small token of hope for us. This medal shows that young Pakistani students are not less than other students around the world.

This article was originally published at Dawn

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Amna Maqsood


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