Do you want to have business with Amazon: Merch is here

Merch Amazon is a new way to generate revenue and here is a complete guide to get started with Amazon.


Are you dreaming about to start a business? Are you bored of your 9 to 5 job? Do you want to get rid of your boss? But you are short of money and don’t have any investment. Here is your opportunity to start a business with Amazon. Merch Amazon is facilitating you to start a business with Amazon and its pretty simple. I know there may be a lot of questions wandering in your head about what is Merch and hows it possible to start a business without any money in your account and what you have to do to make money without any investment? So, here is a complete guide for starters if they want to work with Amazon.

1. What is Merch Amazon?

Merch Amazon is a platform which enriches you to create an online selling business while being home and the most comforting thing is you don’t have to deal with customers personally.There is no hustle of handling manufacturing, printing, selling, distribution, shipments and promotion campaigns. Moreover, you don’t have to invest which means no risk is in here for your financial resources.

Now ,its time to know that what expertise it demands if its not demanding any customer dealing,money or involvement in any of production process .

2. What expertise it requires?

  • You have to come up with a catchy phrase or any appealing graphical design for a t-shirt.
  • After that you have to upload that design to Merch.
  • A t-shirt will be created with the phrase or graphical design you have uploaded.
  • Amazon will handle the production, shipping and customer care etc.
  • When a customer will like your idea or design and purchase the t-shirt ,you get paid a royalty for each sale.

So, you must be thinking now that from where you have to do to start an online selling business.

3. From where I have to start?

To start your own business you have to take three simple steps:

  • Sign in with the Amazon account that you want associated with Merch by Amazon.
  • .Fill out the invitation request form.
  • We will notify you once your request has been approved.

When one gets an approval for his/her request then you can start working.

4. How you can sell more?

You have to go for ideas and designs what people are looking for. It doesn’t mean you have to design something complex. Design should be simple but unique. You may design a shirt about sports, festivals, and quotations etc.

5. From where I can download t-shirt template?

You can download the t-shirt template from Merch Amazon.Image specification details are also mentioned at the link mentioned.

6. Is there any specific software to design t-shirts?

Adobe Illustrator,Adobe Photoshop and GIMP can be used to create design according to template specified by Merch.

7. How to promote your t-shirt design?

After submitting your design and creating an account, Amazon will create a t-shirt product page on for each design you submit. You can copy URL and promote it on Facebook,Twitter and Pinterest. You can also share it with your friends, and followers by creating Facebook and Twitter posts directly from Merch by Amazon portal promotions section.You can also use Amazon cross-platform Mobile Ads API working on both Android and iOS platforms and add targeted in-app t-shirt promotions to your apps.

 A Detailed Walk-through of Merch By Amazon Shirt Design and Upload Process

8. How much I will make from this business?

People are getting 5 figure income from Merch Amazon but it all depends on your design and promotion. It is very good opportunity for the people who are in game business or Art worker but don’t have expertise in marketing and manufacturing etc.Sebastian Coppola, Director at Etermax, the creators of Trivia Crack says:

“For developers who specialize in mobile games, Merch by Amazon is the ideal partner to sell merchandise.”

While Bryan Davis, SVP Big Blue Bubble, creators of My Singing Monsters says:

“We know how to make games really well, but retail and merchandising is not our core business.  Working with Amazon really helped get us out there.”

9. What if, if I am not a professional designer?

There is no need to worry about. Here is a full guide for people who are totally new to all this process: “Merch By Amazon Blueprint from A to Z”.

10. What I will learn from this guide book?

Merch By Amazon Blueprint from A to Z is a complete guide for beginner new to an online platform also guiding the user about customer’s choice. The book includes:

  •  How to get approved fast.
  • How to create text based designs yourself with no design skills or knowledge (free software included).
  • Best selling colors, psychological prices, perceived value.
  • Keywords & Niche research.
  • Scaling your business.

11. From where I can get this guide?

You can buy it from here for just $9.99.

But its not a must to purchase the book if you have a knowledge about customer’s interest and how online marketing works. Just go ahead and start from here.

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