Facebook launches Live 360 but not for everyone

Facebook Live is now going to be more fun!


Facebook always takes care of it’s user’s choices. In this year Facebook brought two new features for its users: Facebook Live and 360 Degree Videos on Facebook.

But now there is something special, its called Facebook Live 360. So, you can watch a real time video in 360 by rotating your fingers around on the screens and changing the angle by simply rotating your smartphones.

The feature was launched on December 13, at 12 PM PT with a feed from National Geographic streaming live from the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah at the Mars Desert Research Station, a Martian habitat simulator. Show was hosted by,Cara Santa Maria and people have chatting with experts John Grunsfeld, Stephen Petranek, and Neil deGrasse Tyson on Facebook Live.

The video provided a behind the scenes look at their lives in the simulated environments and included a Q&A where people interacted with “science experts, writers, and thinkers” by their comments and likes.

In the coming months Facebook is going to launch this feature for selected pages via Live API

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