Facebook and Twitter have joined a Google-backed network of over 30 news & technology companies to filter out the fake news from their networks and  improve the quality of content shared on social media, the group announced on Tuesday.

If you are a regular user of any of the social networks like Facebook or Twitter, you’d definitely experienced this personally. There are many fake pages and accounts which intentionally spread lies — headlines which has nothing to do with the actual story, fake celebrity deaths, click bait links (the links shared just to drive traffic to websites) and so on and so forth.

Alphabet’s Google launched First Draft Coalition backed in June 2015 to introduce a code of conduct to promote news literacy among social media users, and provide a platform where members can verify questionable news headlines & stories.

Once launched at the end of October this year, this coalition will not only help journalists from various partner media houses, but also individual users to authenticate the stories shared online. Other notable members of the group include Washington Post, the New York Times, BuzzFeed News, Agence France-Presse and CNN.

Facebook, in peculiar, is a prominent addition to the group as it is the world’s largest social media network with around 1.7 billion users each month. Previously, Facebook has been widely criticized for spreading fake stories and spammy posts like wildfire among the website’s billions of users. Facebook has also announced to provide tools and services to coalition members that can help them to figure out if they are looking at hoax.

Twitter, with about 140 daily users, is an another top source of breaking news and disseminating eyewitness content. Many fake news start circulating on Twitter once there is an incident or an event. There are many twitter bots application which keep publishing fake stories just to get more followers and to spread hoax. This coalition will help Twitter to improve the quality of tweets and graphics shared daily.

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