In order to allow video creators to better engage viewers with text, GIFs, image & more, YouTube goes social. The company announced yesterday the launch of social networking service called YouTube Community.

This new service will be launched worldwide soon after the completion of beta testing. YouTube has been reportedly testing the new service since several months with handful of creators to collect the feedback. Yesterday, it was launched into public beta for a group of early testers.


The main purpose for launching this social networking platform is to help keep video creators from going to other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. by offering more tools for connecting with their subscribers beyond just videos.

A new “Community” tab has been added to individual channel page in order to make this expanded feature accessible to the creators and their subscribers.

From this newly added tab, creators can share things like uploading live videos, text posts, pictures, GIFs and other contents, which the subscribers can vote up and down, like the videos themselves, as well as comment on. This will make YouTube Community a social network.

Subscribers will be able to see these posts in their “Subscriptions” feed in the YouTube mobile application and can also choose to receive push notifications on these posts from their favorite creators, YouTube said in the statement.

This new features set will also encourage people to launch more channels and will improve the content creation quality as the channels will be able to directly communicate with their audiences. This will also make sense for viewers as they will be able to engage more with the creators beyond mere videos.

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