We all are familiar with Google’s G-Suite for education and its Chromebooks. It is estimated over 20 million teachers and students use these Chromebooks weekly and there are 70 million users of G-Suite for education. During a press conference for education held in London, Google made some big announcements about its Chromebook. The company also showed two new Chromebooks that are convertible with stylus support, USB-C charging, world facing cameras. These two new Chromebooks are: Asus Chromebook C213 and Acer Chromebook Spin 11. Google not only made new Chromebooks but also company will soon give the users full access over Android apps with that Adobe is also being launched for Android creative apps that are now being optimized for Chromebooks.

G-Suite for education and Chromebooks are indeed much popular among teachers and students and success for Google. Reportedly Google is working hard with its hardware partners to make its product more efficient and attractive for its customers. The management also announced that they have been closely paying attention to what their customers want. As many teachers demanded that there should be a single device that combined advantages of both Tablets and Laptops with full Keyboard attached. Google actually fulfilled there demands and these new Chromebooks are according to their requests. Stylus that Google have introduced in these devices is pretty cheap in price. It is more likely to be a second pencil after lead pencils for students. This pen like structure also have an eraser at backside to erase words while writing on the screen.

Asus Chromebook C213 has a modular design which will make replacing parts easy. It has two HD-cameras and the whole screen is covered with Gorilla Glass 4. Acer Chromebook Spin 11 will either have dual or quad core Intel Cerelon processor with 4GB or 8GB or either RAM and on-board eMMC flash storage of either 32GB or 64GB. Also the battery timing of this device is 10 hours. Pricing of both Asus and Acer have not been announced yet. But probably the prices will be affordable because these Chromebooks are for schools. With these new updates or more precisely new devices students and teachers both can get benefits. Undoubtedly, Google is making Chromebooks more useful for students and teachers.

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