Here’s how to get free Wi-Fi at airports with these simple tricks

Enjoy free Wi-Fi at airports and lounges worldwide with simple tricks.


Is there anything more cheerful than having FREE Wi-Fi while travelling? Getting free Wi-Fi at airports and lounges can be a little tricky. You might be asked to pay, or the network might be hidden or hard to find.

I am going to run you through few simple tricks you can use them to find the free Wi-Fi or at least avoid the network restrictions.

Use the Airport Wi-Fi password Map

Thanks to travel blogger Anil Polat’s crowdsourced project, that is doing a great favor to frequent travelers by creating an interactive map — which updates regularly — that unveils the Wi-Fi passwords of dozens of airports and lounge around the world.

Find the map below or click here for the full-size version.

This map is now available as paid app too. WiFox is available on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.

Use the Wifi Map app

WiFi Map is a free mobile application which is available for  iOS and Android. It is possibly the biggest collection of public Wi-Fi passwords you’ll be able to find. Although, it is not specially developed for airports, but you might still be able to find a free WiFi access point nearby at airport.

Be techie

Don’t have WiFi Map app installed as well no access to Airport WiFi Map? The only option left is paid Wi-Fi?

Don’t worry, still there is a way to spoof the system into thinking that you’re trying to load a resource like an image, while you’re in fact not. This method might work as sometimes resources are not blocked.

Just adding /?.png at the end of a URL can do the magic for you. A complete URL will look like something following:

However, it is a fairly old hack that might be already fixed on the network you’re trying to get into.

How To Get Wireless Passwords At Airports When They Don’t Have Free Wifi on FoxNomad

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