People are getting crazy to buy iPhone 7 as it got rated IP67. As iPhone 7 goes high on stress tests performed by you tubers i.e. infohut who buy such branded stuff only to destroy and to check out company’s claim about their product.


iPhone 7 claims to withstand water submersion of 1 meter but in fact the product can handle more of what is claimed. The product is not only water resistant but it will work fine even after being dropped into coffee or fizzy orange.

According to infohut, a you tuber water doesn’t go inside iPhone 7 even for half an hour. This may be a plus for a underwater photography lover. As Apple doesn’t claim its safe for underwater photography but still its doing great under water even its touch pad doesn’t respond while submerged in water.

For underwater photography lovers  one can use volume button to snap photos, and to record underwater hit the video record button before going in water.But Apple is of view that feature is added only to keep device safe if its accidentally fells into water. So users getting excited to use it for underwater photography should avoid high velocity water splashes or using it during jet skiing.

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Tayyaba Irshad
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