As we know that Apple has removed audio jack from iPhone 7 which is not a good news for music lovers. People are much concerned about their choices and device usability. So Fuzecases has come up with the idea of a phone case bringing back the audio jack for iPhone 7 users.

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According to Fuzecases this case isn’t about audio jack only but it has also some other fascinating features. This iPhone 7 case has 3.5mm audio jack giving freedom to the customers for the use of headphone. This Fuzecase  is just for 49$ initiating a project bringing back user’s freedom. Major feature of this case are:

1. Audio jack

The Fuze’s  major contribution is an industry standard 3.5mm audio out jack which is just like the previous iPhone audio jacks.Now one is ready to rock by plugging in his/her headphones and just chill out.

2. Battery boost up

Fuze is not only about audio jack but it also doubles up your iPhone 7’s daily lifespan. Fuze is using advanced Sync-Through technology which allows you to sync or charge your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus without removing the battery case. You can charge both your iPhone and battery case at the same time and will no longer need an adapter.


3. Phone protection

Other major advantage is its fall protection. Fuzecases hard cover protects iPhone 7 from any scratch or damage if it falls. This case is made up of Durable TPU and ABS plastics ensuring device safety.

4. Colors Variety

Different colors are available in Fuzecase giving user freedom to purchase it in a color of their own choice.



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