The technology giant Google is anticipated to jump into hardware development more in near future. It is widely assumed that Google might show a new emphasis on hardware, challenging the decades old dominance of Apple and Amazon in the United States market. Google will also launch a new strategy for the online business.

Though, the company has not made any official statement yet, but it is widely expected among technology geeks that Google will launch a new series of Google smartphones, a tablets and a home virtual assistant.

The company’s CEO Sundar Pichai laid out the future vision in the last Google developers conference to focus more on the hardware development along with software.

The analysts believes that the new strategy will help Google to strengthen its software integration with its hardware devices – same as Apple, Amazon, and Samsung do to keep tight grip on their customers – to retain its customers.

Twitter has bombarded with #MadeByGoogle hashtag as the company tweeted a message with hashtag #MadeByGoogle and a video to show its intents for incoming event on October 4th.

“They did call it out as a smartphone event,” Gartner analyst Brian Blau said. “It is an opportunity for Google to show off its latest devices.”

Google may rebrand its “Nexus” smartphones series to “Pixel” in upcoming event. The Nexus is a Google smartphone developed in collaborations with the company’s partners.

The technology trackers anticipate that by stressing something “Made by Google”, the silicon valley based company has triggered speculation it would launch a premium smartphone series of its own against the rivals Apple & Samsung.

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Apple has recently released new iPhone 7 smartphones which features the company’s latest mobile operating system — iOS 10. Meanwhile, Samsung has been struggling with its Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion issues and it has recently recalled over 1 million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones from US market. The total number of Note 7 recalled so far has reached to 2.5 million which is a big blow to the company future.

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