LESCO was established in 1998 when Government of Pakistan divided Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) into 12 separated companies to transfer the electricity throughout the country. Areas that have been covered by LESCO include Okara, Lahore, and Sheikhupura. Power theft and corruption has became a major issue in Pakistan.There are so many people who do not pay there bills properly and engaged in power theft. Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) will launch an online system for new connections in 2017 to get rid of power theft.

According to CEO of LESCO, this online system will help to remove all the human links related to power theft and corruption also there will be possibility that Load-shedding will be ended by the end of 2017. 10,000 Mega Watt electricity will be initiated into the systems. This online system will be started from general consumers in 191 sub divisions also mobile meter reading has been introduced which will again help to reduce line losses.Indeed, power theft, over-billing and corruption are the causes behind energy crisis and people are facing load-shedding for years now. It is the reason that most of the industries have now been shifted to other countries as they couldn’t bear the loss caused by energy crisis. Technology has brought solutions to many problems, a wise step taken by the company to use technology in a better way.

According to LCCI president modern technology should be used to deal with these energy crisis and strict actions should be taken against power theft. All the old meters will be replaced by the new meters to keep the track of electricity consumption. CEO of LESCO said that company is working on reducing line losses. With the new technology big consumers will also be the part of this setup and for this regard new software will be installed. He also said that 25 percent of share was contributed by LESCO to the total revenue generated by distributions companies. Moreover o.7 million meters were being purchased by the company.

With this new system we hope that 2017 will be a better year for us and it will be surely a beginning of  load-shedding free era.

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