A question has been asked to Devin Wenig CEO of eBay about the e-commerce market of Pakistan. In response of that question he answered that Pakistan is among the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world. CEO of online shopping giant enlist Pakistan as the hot destination for shopping as there are so many people buying online that the online shopping in the country could explode. he said, “It is the fastest growing markets we have around the world. Anywhere where wealth is growing and technology is being adopted, e-commerce is being adopted like crazy” He made these remarks on a Facebook live session that was ongoing during World Economic Forum. World Economic Forum is basically a Swiss nonprofit organization based in Cologny Geneva. This Forum is popular for its annual meeting in which over 2500 top leaders, politicians and economists participate. This meeting lasts for four days every year in January at Davos.

Wenig stated that eBay was particularly more focused on South East Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. He also mentioned that eBay helps many entrepreneurs to sell their products online on eBay. Talking more about eBay he added “In the era before tech, you could only sell around your block and how do you market and get your product sold? In the world of tech you plug into eBay and you’re a global business”  He believes that online shopping is getting very successful in Pakistan. It is estimated that the growing interest  in online shopping is increasing among Pakistanis nearly 36 million and it is not fix this is raising. As the Pakistanis are going crazy over online shopping Devin was also asked that “Why eBay is not in Pakistan?” Upon this question he answered that “We absolutely encourage you to shop, and we will get our goods and services in Pakistan for sure. Go and Use eBay in Pakistan” but still there is no version of eBay specially dedicated for Pakistani buyers.

Now there are few websites in Pakistan that are providing Pakistanis with the facilities of online shopping. No doubt online shopping saves time and energy but there is still a question; a question about quality of the products because there are also many cases that have been reported regarding to the delivery of bad quality products.

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