Are you a nail biter and want to quit this habit.Are you a chain smoker and want to change your smoking habits. Here is a smart device to help you quit your bad habits.

Pavlok trains your behavior and changes your bad habits of nail biting,smoking,overeating or sleeping in. Pavlok vibrates to reward you for good behavior and administers an electric stimulus to train away bad behavior. Hundreds have quit smoking, nail biting, mindless eating, and sleeping in by using Pavlok’s apps.

If you are willing to change your habits like overeating and  want to lose weight or wake up earlier or hair pulling or nail biting? Your first step is your will to change your habit and the next will be Pavlok wearable.



Pavlok is based on classical conditioning. In classical conditioning, a neutral stimulus (like a bell) is paired with a biological stimulus (like food), resulting in a reflex (like salivation) whenever the once-neutral stimulus is presented. Device is named Pavlok after Pavlov’s work who gave the theory of classical conditioning.



Choose the habit you want to change. Wear your Pavlok throughout the day. Pavlok can automatically and manually deliver a stimulus when you engage in your bad habit.Your brain associates the stimulus with the bad habit, creating an aversion. Pavlok wrist band is operated by its Pavlok smart app in which user can select the vibration and shock level.

So if you want to loose your bad habits Pavlok is available for 169$ at Pavlok Official Site.

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