Google’s Material Design — new collaboration tools for app designers

Google aims to make it easier to create beautiful apps.

Google Material Design
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Google has released a new suite of tools that will help designers and developers to build beautiful app interfaces. The new tools are based on the company’s Material Design language launched in 2014 that provides guidelines how apps should be designed for touchscreens.

The first tool is called “Gallery” that lets you upload, share and comment on designs — sort of GitHub for designers. It also features version control as well as a way to present your designs without attaching any PDFs or slides. If you’ve ever been used InVision collaboration tool, Gallery might not be something entirely new to you.

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Credit: The Verge

Along with Gallery, there’s Remixer, which allows app designers to create prototypes of apps that you can interact with directly — so you can both demo the design and change it on the fly right on your device or on a website. There’s also Stage, which speeds up the prototyping process and allows app makers to test out and demo movement in their apps at much earlier stages.

In addition, Google has also gathered all its Material Design resources – Gallery, Remixer, Stage, guidelines and icons – and put them on a new site,


Google hopes that these new tools and resources will help more app designers and developers adopt Material Design in their work. You can sign up for early access program for Gallery and Stage or try Remixer by downloading it from GitHub repository. We’d love to hear you feedback in the comments.

This news was originally published at The Verge

Design is never done on Google Design

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