If you’re one of the other millions of people who fell in love with Chrome due to its UI and top performance and use it daily, you may also how much it can slow down your computer as well.

The Chromium team is working hard to improve the browser’s memory management to make it more efficient. Google is expected to roll out an update on December 6 that will dramatically reduce the RAM usage, up to 50% of that it uses now. That means if Chrome uses 200 megabytes of computer RAM now, it will use just 100 megabytes after you will install the update.

The latest update will feature a new JavaScript engine in Chrome version 54, that will effectively improve the memory usage on JavaScript heavy sites as compared to previous versions. With less RAM usage, Chrome will keep more open tabs and run more apps without slowing down your computer performance as much.

During beta testing done by Google, heavy loaded JavaScript websites like Imgur, Reddit, Twitter, The New York Times and YouTube shown a significant improvement with 50 percent less RAM usage on average.

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