WhatsApp and Telegram both are the messaging applications having different features facilitating their users. Here is a little comparison of both apps to make your selection process easy.

Similarities of WhatsApp & Telegram:

  • Has a desktop app version.
  • Lets you Mute Notifications in group chat.
  • Lets you quote dialog and directly reply to that even if conversation is mute.
  • Lets you forward comments.
  • Has the two check feature, in green, and an approximate last seen.
  • Has message encryption but Telegram is distributed as well which makes it more secure.

Differences in WhatsApp & Telegram

  • Group chats can support up to 5000 members with @mention and #hashtags support.
  • It has no limit size for chat and media sharing.
  • You can share files up to 1.5GB at a time, which can be accessed on both mobile and desktop. The Files are also grouped together to make them easy to search.
  • You can use Secret Chats which are self-destructing messages.
  • You can build your own tools on telegram API.
  • You can store your data on cloud.
  • You can edit messages that you have already sent.
  • Your account will be deleted along with any other data inside your account if you do not use it for more than 6 months.

Telegram and WhatsApp both are available for Android  and iPhone users as well as both have desktop application too but it all depends on your need and priorities ,which one you will prefer to use.

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