Social media is becoming disguise instead of blessing

Social media has took over all the little moments that we all used to cherish.


When we all hear about the word technology, we always relate it to gadgets, games, internet etc. No doubt! technology has came with wonders that has made our lives easy and convenient. But have you ever thought that is it a blessing or disguise? have you ever thought what happened to our attitudes towards each other after the existence of social media in our society?

Admit or not social media has changed us! Remember when children used to play in parks; when parks were filled with giggles and laughter’s of children and elders; when you used to send eid cards and gifts to your friends. Where all these little moments of delight went away? Eventually, social media has took over all these moments. We have access to every information, we know everything but we have also lost our mental peace. Everyone is trying to be “cool”, everyone is faking about their lives, Making memes by not caring about what others would think. For what? Social media was supposed to be a blessing not a torture. Bitter truth: Due to social bullying suicide cases have been increased around the world. ¬†Cyber bulling, online harassment, social bullying are gifts from social media.

Not only elders but children are also the real victims of this type of media. Children at age of 10 carry cell phones and a frosting to it they have fake ids on Facebook, twitter, MySpace etc but what effected them? they are facing self-esteem, they have hurt feelings at this little age when 90s kids didn’t even know about the “H” word of hurt.

Every picture has two sided story to tell so does social media. It is us who can change the world and it is us who can destroy the world. Social media has not born overnight we created this world of media. It depends on us, we have power to make it a blessing or disguise but intentionally or unintentionally we are making social media a disguise for us!

It is a time to rethink about our actions and behaviors because in coming years due to this people will surely lose their mental health and will become more self esteemed than ever. Social bullying will be uncontrollable which will lead to more suicides and hatred. In previous years social media has spread more hatred then love. Want to use social media? use it for spreading positive vibes; use it to spread peace not war; use it to save someone’s dignity not to destroy someone’s life, use it to protect children. Make it a blessing not a curse.



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Amna Maqsood


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