Twitter is now working on a new feature to that will enable you to block certain keywords and phrases from showing up on your feed.Twitter already has a mute feature which allows the user to mute only Hashtag one don’t want to be informed about and don’t want to see in their feed but now you will be able to mute any keyword or phrase you want to.

Twitter didn’t launched the feature officially up till now.But different iOS users have reported that this new functionality has been spotted on Sunday but later it was disabled by the company.May be Twitter is planning to launch it officially.

Twitter ‘mute’ functionality was introduced to prevent abuse and it helped the user to block the accounts. But now Twitter is going to take another step to facilitate its users to cope with the unwanted stuff in their Twitter feed.

With the addition of the new ‘muted words’ feature, users will have yet another tool to filter out potentially disturbing content from reaching them – hopefully, things work out as intended this time around.

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Tayyaba Irshad
Love to write about startups, gadgets and apps. Follow me at Twitter @cRypTaNaLyXt.


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