Google earth is now bringing the whole world into reality. This world is so much beautiful and there are so many things for everyone to see and visit. Some people are lucky enough to visit the whole world; to cherish the beauty of this world. But how about those people who cannot afford this trip around the world what they are going to do? They just do not have to be worried about it because Google earth’s visual reality is nothing less then a flying carpet for them.

Google earth VR is available on HTC vive, which allows the users to explore the world in 3D.  Here is the first look!

Well, this app is only available for HTC vive for now. Product manger Mike Podwal said that “they are trying to get some other platforms”. Which means people have to wait a bit to get this app other than on vive.

Google earth virtual reality has some similar features like street view but you will be able to see cultural treasures, global landmarks by flying virtually around the world. People can do so many things with this open version app because this app is an open ended app, which means that you can embed your own interesting stories into Google earth.

Indeed, this app would be a treat for everyone and it will surely be helpful. The reason is some times people are unable to track down the places or they find it difficult to recognize the place in reality after using the map. This app could help to show the exact structure of the building or a place.

GO! get your Google earth VR and start your virtual world tour now!

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Amna Maqsood


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