Highest bridge in the world is now open to traffic in China

"Beipanjiang bridge" in China is world's highest bridge which is now open to traffic.


China is also known as “People’s Republic of China“. This country has stunned the world by the growth of its economy many of you would have known that now China is the second largest economy in the world while USA is in the first place. one of the wonder of the world is also situated in China which is “Great Wall of China“. China has proved itself to be a country that will not stop to bring new and big ideas into real world and by following this motive Chinese have built world’s highest bridge across Beipanjiang valley.

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This bridge connects two provinces Yunnan and Guizhou. It is 565 meters (1,845 feet) above the river by making it the highest bridge. The purpose of building this huge mass of structure is to reduce the traffic’s travelling time by three quarters. This bridge will help to cut short travelling time between Xuanwei in Yunnan to Shuicheng in Guizhou. Before this bridge it took four hours to cover the distance between these two provinces but after this it will only take one hour of travelling time.

Beipanjiang Bridge

According to sources, this bridge will be a convenient one for those who want to travel between these two places. A local newspaper of Guizhou stated that to build 1341 meter long bridge it cost 1 billion yuan approx. $144 million. China not only has World’s highest bridge into its list of mega structures but also it has world’s second “The Sidhu” and the third “The Puli” highest bridge  in the world. The wonders of China has not ended yet as it also has Three Gorges Dam the biggest ship lift in the world. Electricity provided to the bridge is by using Hydroelectric power generation. Beipanjian is the highest bridge not the tallest one because France’s Millau Viaduct bridge is still the tallest bridge in the world. It is a joint venture of British and France on A75 Auto route. Government of China has always think of the welfare of their people. They surely fulfill the needs and wants of their people but in a unique way, whatever they build; they make it bigger and better.

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