In the present time, Mozilla, the developer of Mozilla Firefox, just inserted an extraordinary feature to its open-source and free web browser, of course, Firefox. This feature promises 400% increase in receptiveness and a 700% development while loading web pages.

Mozilla Just Added an Extraordinary Feature to Its Browser

The multi-process is a feature of Mozilla Firefox browser that has capacities to put the high level of functioning and performance than its main opponents. If you use this application on a regular basis, then you may have confirmed that during the last years it had become some-what -like stagnant.

Surely, this feature has been activated for some versions experimentally, and since the last update, it has stretched almost to all users of the browser. Publish details has been told in many social medias about the Mozilla’s feature.

Mozilla launched multi-process Firefox to some users, few months ago. As we illuminate, this new feature is slowly but steadily coming to all Mozilla Firefox users who did not have extensions installed. Those people already have relished a 400% response faster and a loading rate of 700% more speed when loading web pages. Without any uncertainty, it is an innovation that is worth using and has available.

Multi-process feature of Firefox sustained to reach its users with version 49, even if they had installed extensions on their systems. However, these had to meet with a series of iron parameters. The thing has run its progression, and Firefox 50 is enabled for users with a large number of extensions installed. Yes, they should not require to be manifest as incompatible with this function by its developers.

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Firefox 50

However, this does not take break with the release of Firefox 50, the up-to-date version available that was launched in the month of November. Since Mozilla pin-point to have a lot of work load in the upcoming days to enable the multi-process feature to Mozilla Firefox users with unsupported extensions. That possibly will happen with the release of Firefox 51 if everything goes as it was planned. The browser will stimulate the multi-process feature, even though the user has extensions which are not clearly compatible with the technology. Here is the overview of Firefox 50

2 More New Features

Along with the initiation of multiprocessing feature, Mozilla privileges to be working on competences of this technology to enhance the response time (minimum time to response) of overall browser and triangulation in specific. In particular, two new features will be talked by the technology that you will read below.

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The first is to grow more performance with multi-threaded planning and architecture. It will be minimizing the influence when errors occur. Channel versions Nightly start very shortly to try this novelty and Mozilla will provide the chance to discover errors in a wider user environment.

In the second area, they will be addressing the execution of a sand-boxing to enhance and improve the security of multi-threaded. This has previously commenced with the overview of the first sandbox for Windows in Firefox 50 while conceding that there is still much work to be done. In the upcoming versions, it will also enable the users of Mac and Linux to enjoy this security improvement in the browser.

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