Snapchat and Instagram both are in a race to update their apps with some exciting new features. Now Snapchat has came with a new Snap-chatting feature. It is offering a lens-based game named as “Santa’s Helper“.Users have to open Snapchat app and then they have to press and hold their face in the front camera like they do for other filters. After that they will have to select Snata’s Helper lens to start the enjoyable game.

Snapchat wants its users to play with their faces. This game will place the cropped face on an elf, then the user can take control of the movements by tilting their devices back and forth to steer themselves down the ski slope by collecting gifts and avoiding the obstacles. What makes it more exciting is that users can play it with their friends also by challenging them. This game is very simple to play, accessible and a best way to kill time during winters. Also if you haven’t score well then you can play again and again till you improve your scores. Snapchat has also tested some games previously like Mac and Cheese and Puzzle Face Game.


Snapchat has proved itself in the eyes of Advertisers. There are many brands that are eager to buy sponsored  Lenses in Snapchat that will attach the faces to people with their brands. Users can share their pictures in their Snapchat story or they can just enjoy the output. It is an intelligent way to do marketing about the brand instead of Television commercials. Snapchat is looking forward for this new deal of generating money in 2017.

A very smart move by Snapchat to tapping into people’s competitive spirit. This game will allow people to send their scores in direct messages to their friends which eventually lure them to play this game. All the Snapchat features are temporary and this filter game is also said to be a temporary one. Also Snapchat has incorporated “Shazam” in earlier December and the company is going public in 2017.

Looking to do something exciting go start playing “Santa’s Helper” or else you will miss the chance to play it.

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