Global warming is becoming a big issue and deforestation is one of the leading factor causing global warming.To plant a shrub and wait for it to become a well grown tree is very time taking process. If you ever tried to replant a tree, you know how exhausting the whole process is.

The tree mover made by Diamond Group dig trees with the efficiency 20-30 times higher than human. It moves a tree of 8 to 15 cm with an average of 3-5 minutes.It has shovel blades that are sharp and wear-proof could cut the tree roots with minimal wound and avoids low survival rate caused by knife cutting, ax chop and roots damages.
Exclusive soil ball packaging bags can form a layer of ventilated and moisturizing film to prevent moisture losing. Therefore, the tree survival rate could improve more than 25%.
DMA tree mover with high mechanical flexibility, can free shuttle in the forest of the 3 * 3 m and its work is very convenient.


This tree-relocation machine is available in three sizes:


It is small in size and used to relocate trees having soil ball diameter 60cm/80cm/100cm.


It is medium in size and used to relocate trees having soil ball diameter 120cm/150cm.


It is large in size and used to relocate trees having soil ball diameter 180cm/220cm.

So, if you want to save your environment and also want to utilize the commercial areas and expand industrial areas, buy it from here for $51,000 .Here is a special discount if someone wants to purchase more than 4 machines ,then 1 machine will cost only $35,000.


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Tayyaba Irshad
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