In the busy world everyone is busy in making and selling their products, to make their brand equity, along with it people has totally neglected the dense pollution they are producing in a heavy amount.

In this globally drastic phenomenon, Adidas is dedicated towards the cleanliness of oceans and paid heed for the removal of its pollution, thus come up with innovative idea, that is recycling of waste plastic in oceans. Adidas is in collaboration with Parley for the oceans and producing shoes through that recycled plastic waste.

According to the Adidas, they wanted to reduce the oceanic pollution and redesign the waste in a useful manner. If the oceanic pollution reduces, it will lower the Ecological-Environment rate, which will contribute towards the healthy life of our oceans.

Recently Adidas have converted their words of mouth into reality, Adidas is going to make recycled exquisite shoes available for the world till the mid of this November. And for this, Adidas aims to sell almost seven thousand pairs of shoes in online stores for the ease of its consumers.

This unique shoe is given a name that is ‘Ultra Boost Uncaged Parley’. This shoe’s upper part is produced from 95% of oceanic waste (plastic) and the rest of shoe is also made up of other recycled things.

For 2017, Adidas has a target of one million ultra boost uncaged parley’s production and their ultimate future aim is to get rid of virgin plastic from their industry.

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Ramsha Khan

Ramsha is a freelance writer, lives in Lahore, Pakistan.


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