Our minister of state for information Maryam Aurangzeb said that government does not entertain any sort of restriction on media. She elaborates that media and parliament both are part and parcel of the democratic process. Maryam also emphasized that culture of abusive language in politics need to be changed  instead patience and tolerance should be adopted by the politicians.

Maryam said that Nawaz Sharif and she herself believe in the freedom of the media. While talking to the reporters she stated that there should be more awareness among the journalists about (PEMRA). According to her, government will work together with media representatives to create awareness among journalists.

As getting journalists aware of code of conducts about (PEMRA) is a step ahead for the improvement of electronic media. She asked information secretory to prepare a plan for training program. Maryam has taken responsibility by her self as a challenge and she will work hard for it.

She also assured that security will be provided to the journalists and for this purpose a bill for safety and security had already been made and media representatives can suggest improvements or amendments for it. We all hope that these steps will be implemented soon for the sake of freedom of media. Media plays an essential role in every society and it should be protected despite of being restricted from society.

This article was originally published at Daily Times.

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Amna Maqsood


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