In the arena of technology, it has been revealed that information technology and robots will have long lasting and a significant effect on the market jobs. Its random survey says that manual labor, paper work and majority of the jobs will be replaced by these automated machines. Future dimensions states that robots will be able to work in groups, will be able to communicate with the task related things and also they can be designated as the assistant of any worker.

Also some people have pessimistic thought about this change like automation will steal old worker’s employment. Well these are the out of the track things right now. The main thing that is being focused is the automation in every field.

Technology is going to give the jerk of 360 change worldwide.

Elon Musk, CEO and founder of SpaceX, SolarCity and the Tesla, predicted that certainly robots are going to take our jobs and it will be the government on which we will be dependent to cut us checks and keep us in a float. Thus government will be the sustainer for our payments. Moreover he added “Yeah, I am not sure what else one would do. I think that is what would happen.”

If Musk’s consistency remains conformed, then there is no doubt in saying about Tesla that it is our future, it is going to drive the world in a different way.

Recently in October, it was announced that in the start of new year 2017, vehicles of Tesla will be having unusual capabilities of self-driving. But for the satisfaction of company and passengers as well, there will be a human driver for some period to monitor the automated vehicle and control the bus, if needed.


Lyft, Uber and other Ride-hailing organizations will also be the target of Tesla as in proving them self-driving vehicles, in which owners of vehicles earn money by renting out their vehicles.

And now Uber took initiative to test such self-driving cars. To add more, in North America, a renowned firm’s head talked about the future dimensions of self-driving cars like these cars will roam in the cities and they will be serving the jobs of pick and drop service, which in return, will get their salary through the plan of monthly subscription.

In the mean time, a shipment of beer 120 miles in automated trailers/tractors was driven from Tesla by a company named as Otto – 2 ex-Googlers are its founder, and in partnership with Tesla.

Indeed these automated machines (robots) will not be limited to the roads. Robots will serve in hotels as bellhops and they will also be delivering the food items house to house.

As I have already discussed the concerns of the people regarding robots’ jobs, Forrester predicted that total 6% of the human jobs and their responsibilities will be replaced by the robots in coming five years.

After this proposal where people are seeing their ease of work with these robots, there some people have rejected this proposal due to some reasons.

But according to Musk It will not be a bad thing if this does happen. “People will have time to do other tasks, more complicated time consuming things, and more interesting things,” added Musk. “Certainly more leisure time.”

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Ramsha Khan

Ramsha is a freelance writer, lives in Lahore, Pakistan.


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