A bunch of professional manufacturers proposed a legal document in the Supreme Court that Samsung Electronics owes hundreds of millions of dollars of  Apple as a fine in breaking the legal agreement for Iphone’s design patent.


apple-vs-samsungDesigners of industry stated the, upholding the district court’s ruling, Supreme Court should be agreed with the ruling of the Court of appeals, that Samsung Electronics have broken the legal rules of Apple’s patent. And it should give back all the profit it made after this violation.

Manufacturers of Apple industry put stress on the statement “It has been shown by the history that sales are driven by visual design of product and made its place in the heart and minds of its consumers” and also its industrialist examined that sales are driven by such consumer products.

They put more emphasize on the consumer products and said these are the consumer products’ complex technologies that differentiates themselves from other products and thus become a unique selling point (USP). They added more by giving reference of cognitive science that complex technology and its distinct methods are really very essential for consumer products.

The designers claimed that this is an open and shut case, illustrated by above mentioned statements. Apple’s manufacturers stated that this violation include every product related things like its software, hardware, user experience design, communication and advertising, they want all of the fine, cost and profit related to these things of their design.


Disgorgement of total profits are required by section-289, because it is the pirated, violated and stolen patent design that increases sales and earn maximum profit.

In the last December, Korean Company paid fine of $548M to Apple as a fine as it was ordered to pay. However Samsung said that if the court follows the decision of USPTO then it deserved the right for the division of the fines paid to Apple’s manufacturer. Upon it, the Supreme Court agreed and announced  to review the case.

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Ramsha Khan

Ramsha is a freelance writer, lives in Lahore, Pakistan.


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