Go Interactive with Interacta!

Interacta providing a new broadcasting experience to Pakistani smartphone users.


Interacta is Pakistan’s one of the most promising startup. Person behind this amazing app is Muhammad Maaz Kamal who has expertise in Digital Signal and Communication Processing. Purpose of this app is to make television more interactive for the people of Pakistan.

This app is really interesting as and just works like Shazam as it detects voice signals from the television, displays the relevant results on the cell phone which will further allow the user to interact with that particular TV program. Interestingly, if you are watching a Quiz show on the television then you can also take part in that quiz by taking part through this app. Amazing isn’t it?

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Good for Businessmen as they can easily interact with their target customers through their television advertisement just because of this bind blowing innovation.

What is success if it does not come with hurdles? Team of Interacta is facing some issues regarding this app because in Pakistan new technologies have to face some problems like suitability and adaptability. They are trying to over come these problems by executing interacting campaigns with Pepsi, Stylo Shoes and other known brands.

For those! who love new Gadgets and love to try new apps. This application will provide you full interactivity with your favorite TV show whether it is a cooking or quiz show because “Interacta is a new  App in Town! try it”

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Amna Maqsood


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