Just after a month since Google announced ‘Duo’ – a video chat application – to compete with Apple’s FaceTime, Google is all set to challenge Facebook’s chat app market dominance via WhatsApp and Messenger with the release of a rival service called Allo.

Both Allo and Duo were first introduced in Google I/O conference held in May this year. These applications were widely accepted in the technology market due to their simplistic design and powerful video and text communication features. Google has announced to roll out Allo for both Android and iOS platform after few days since Duo was released.

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Allo is a smart messaging application mainly focused on intelligence and user assistance via the Google Assistant. The main advantage of using Allo is that users will be able to ask assistant any question while staying in the chat without jumping back and forth between different Google’s applications.

Google released more details about this in official blog:

“You no longer need to leave a conversation with friends just to grab an address, share your favorite YouTube video, or pick a dinner spot. Just type @google to bring your Assistant into any group chat. And of course, you can also chat one-one-one with your Assistant in Allo.”

Allo features Smart Reply — a built in feature that analyzes your previous discussions to suggest quick replies. Best suited when there isn’t enough time to reply in details. Google has introduced this feature in the Google Inbox – a rebranding of Gmail – to help respond quickly.

Allo also includes a pack of 25 stickers created by Google in collaboration with volunteer artists all around the world.

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User privacy is a major concern for all chat applications. Many people don’t want any third party to read their private conversations. Unlike WhatsApp which has end-to-end encryption enabled by default, Allo doesn’t secure conversation by default. However, it offers incognito mode to turn a discussion into private with end-to-end encryption.

Google Assistant is another great addition to Allo as well. User can ask any question to assistant and it will answer user queries without leaving the app. Google is planning to expand the integration of Google Assistant with more Google products following the path of Amazon Echo assistant.

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