CEO of Facebook has always been in news for bringing new innovative ideas to reality. This time he announced the news that he is creating personal artificial intelligence  for his home. He told that he has just finished coding his personal AI. This Artificial intelligence will control his home which includes lights, temperature of his house, appliances, security also can learn what Mark likes or not. He also added that this AI assistant will also entertain his daughter Max.

Mark Zukerberg said that he always wanted to learn about AI and making this thing provide him to learn from the challenges more than he expected also, this one gave him better knowledge about the internal technology that Facebook engineers get to use, as well as a thorough overview of home automation. Mark named his AI as “Jarvis”.

Jarvis can process language, also can recognize face and speech. Apart from that, This assistant can automatically switched off or on the lights of his bedroom, as discussed above it can control room temperature, can play music according to moods and suggested play list. If you think that Jarvis is so much intelligent than yes he is because he is also enabled with vision and face recognition. Mark has installed some cameras at his door step. Jarvis will be capable of identifying the people, can decide whether to open the door or not. Mark has created a Facebook messenger Bot to communicate with his AI assistant means that he can stay in touch with Jarvis from his cell phone.

Well! the list of Jarvis incredible work has not ended as Zuckerberg has enabled an app for Jarvis with voice and speech recognition. So if Mark do want to take out his phone to open an app, Mark just has to speak to Jarvis. Jarvis will do this job for him. Jarvis is like Artificial intelligent robot in “Iron Man”.

If you are a coder and want to do something then why you do not try to make your own AI? Big things only start when you take risks and try something new. Mark has created Jarvis, someday you can build something bigger and better.

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