It appears like the device fabricating firms are not in the inclination of getting happy with the devices they have grown as of late. Their soul of creating something viable and more progressed is urging them to grow more complex wearable contraptions. The most recent couple of years have been magnificent for the headway in wearable innovation. This year likewise very shocking and here are a couple of amazing wearable devices, propelled by electronic contraption makers for till the date.

1. Garmin Vivosmart HR+


It is a fitness tracker and it has succeeded in drawing people’s attention towards its awesome features. This fitness tracker offers features including heart rate tracking, GPS tracking and several other advanced features. You don’t need to carry your Smartphone with you, when you are going for the morning walk. Garmin Vivosmart HR+ offers long-lasting battery power.

You can use this device for a whole week, once completely charged. Its standard size screen provides perfect view of the figures and notifications. You can use it while running and also while swimming. It is a cutting-edge fitness tracking device that you must buy to improve your fitness and track your activities.

2. Fitbit Charge2


In the race of developing the best fitness trackers, Fitbit is giving tough competition to the leading fitness gadget manufacturers of the world. Charge2 has gotten all the new features that would make your life easier and much better. It is equipped with a sophisticated app that tracks every movement in your body, when you walk, run climb and jump. It informs you that how nutritious meal you are consuming and how is that working for your weight loss.

The Apple Watch is costlier than the Fitbit Charge2, but Charge2 beats Apple Watch in terms of features. It improves cardio health and offers advanced programs to track overall fitness. It is available with a large screen that makes checking notifications easier for the users.

3. Apple Watch2


Among the vast list of smart watches, Apple Watch2 has succeeded in gaining a higher spot. Unlike the first model, Apple Watch 2 seems the best smart watch for health and fitness features. It comprises features like GPS tracking, cardio health tracking, nutrition report, etc. In addition to fitness tracking features, Apple Watch brings all your social notifications on the small screen. You don’t need to carry your iPhone with you, when doing the exercise.

The Apple Watch2 keeps sharp eye on all your notifications and informs you immediately. Obviously, it is an expensive wearable gadget, but it is also most impressive smart watch you can buy today.

4. Samsung Gear S2


In the quest of developing the most advanced smartwatch, Samsung is showing a tough competition for its rivals. The Samsung Gear S2 seems like a revolutionary Smartwatch equipped with all important fitness tracking features. Yes, it has GPS, cardio health tracking system, weight loss guide and so many other features. It looks like a classic watch, but it turns into a high-tech gadget when it comes to check notifications, track health and perform all the vital Smartphone operations.

2016 is yet not over and you should get ready to find some great deals on upcoming gadgets and wearable devices. So, be updated and keep sharp eyes on the upcoming posts.

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