Instagram has became a very popular app as it has 70% users outside the boundaries of U.S also 75 million Instagram users who use this app every single day. Yesterday, Instagram announced the news of  600 million users from which there are 100 million users that have followed it in last six months.

Instagram has provided us with so many features but the new added feature has just save the day. Yes! Now you can easily save your favorite photos by just using the “bookmark option”. This bookmark option appears at the right corner at the bottom of every post.

Now you do not have to take screenshots for your favorite posts. This feature will help you save your favorite moments you can save pictures of your favorite dresses, cars and videos as well. But when you will bookmark your favorite post, Instagram will notify the people whose posts you are saving, you do not have to worry about this thing as these save posts will only be visible to you without notifying other people in your friend list.

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Instagram is popular for providing marketing platform for brands. After hours, Instagram revealed this bookmark feature marketers started to took advantage of this. Audi was the first brand to come up with the incredible way of marketing its brand. This auto brand came up with a fun hack by posting 9 pieces of single Audi R8 in random order. What users have to do they need to save the pieces in correct order and after solving this puzzle, they need to go to the “bookmark” option into their profiles to see that they have nailed it. So far 3,200 times this puzzle has been solved by the people.

Solving a puzzle will always remind you of your childhood times when we all loved to rearrange the pieces of our favorite images and Audi has brought our childhood back by this fun puzzle. Apart from Audi there are many other brands who are coming up with many amazing ways of marketing their products by using this new added “save your post” feature. Instagram is thinking beyond boundaries.

Comparing it with Facebook, Facebook has just launch two new features Live and 360 degrees videos but this not enough as Instagram will soon lead all other social-networking apps. This year Instagram has came up with so many surprises by adding features like Insta stories, Live videos, ephemeral videos, turning off comments etc and it is clearly giving a tough competition to its competitors. This amazing feature will be available on all Android and iOS devices having 10.2 version of Instagram.

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